Scottish Evangelical Theology Society

May Conference 2011


Evangelical Ecumenicity: Can Evangelicals Really Work Together?



Roots of Evangelical Polarisation


Martin Spence is lecturer in History of
Christianity at the International
Christian College, Glasgow


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Towards a New Global Consensus of
Evangelical Understanding:
the Edinburgh 2010 Common Call
and Lausanne III Cape Town

Rosemary Dowsett is a retired OMF
Missionary and Vice‐chair of the World
Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission


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Thinking About Differences
Biblically: You've Got to Accentuate
the Positive

Larry Hurtado is Professor of New Testament Language, Literature, and
Theology at New College, Edinburgh University, and Director of the Centre for
the Study of Christian Origins

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The Finlayson Lecture
The Old Testament and the Unity of
the People of God

David Reimer is Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament at New College, Edinburgh University


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Evangelical Doctrine: Basis for
Unity or Cause for Division?

Stephen Holmes is Senior Lecturer in
Systematic Theology at St. Mary's
College, St. Andrews University


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Evangelicals Working Together

Fred Drummond is National Director of
the Evangelical Alliance Scotland



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