Scottish Evangelical Theology Society

April Conference 2012


A Godly Commonwealth?

The Gospel and Scottish Identity

Some of those taking part : Michael McMahon, Murdo Fraser, Graham McMeekin, David Ferguson, Dewi Hughes, Doug Gay, Jamie Grant, John Mason



A Biblical Theology of Nationhood

  Jamie Grant is Vice Principal and PhD Co-ordinator at HTC


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Christian Theology and Scottish National Identity

David Ferguson is Professor of Divinity and Principal of New College


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Scottish Nationhood: Personal Visions


John Mason, Michael McMahon, Rose Dowsett, Graham McMeekin, Murdo Fraser

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The Finlayson Lecture
Making Theological Sense of Being Welsh

Dewi Hughes is theological advisor to Tearfund(UK)


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Christian Witness in Postmodern Scotland

Angus Morrison is minister of Orwell and Portmoak Parish Church


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Is a Christian Vision of Scottish Identity Viable in the Early 21st Century?

Doug Gay is lecturer in Theology and Relgious Studies at University of Glasgow



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