The Technical Team

Tapes from Scotland was set up by Bruce Laing. Bruce became a Christian after listening to the ministry of George Philip at Sandyford Henderson Church. Glasgow. He began to help out out Dr Mary Miller who was recording the ministry and developed a vision for the potential of tape recordings to multiply the ministry of the word. When Bruce and his wife moved to Broughty Ferry near Dundee in Scotland. he made many recordings himself, especially at the Crieff Fellowship. He also collected literally thousands of cassette tapes from various evangelical churches in Scotland. Students visiting the Laing's house would fing the walls of Bruce's study lined with racks of tapes which they were encouraged to borrow. His ministry would become worldwide.

Many of the tapes from St Georges Tron church relied on technology installed by Ian MacDougal. Ian had spent much of his early Christian Life at Finlay Memorial Church, previously called Finlay memorial Tabernacle. He had been involved in the beginnings of Gospel Radio Fellowship still existant as GRF Radio. He was very involved in the building of the Hospital radio Network in Glasgow and in 1974 when I met him, began broadcasting the Tron Morning Service over the Hospital Radio Network. Ian was trained and spent his working life with BBC Scotland.

Margaret Brown did all the Sunday to Sunday recordings at St Georges Tron. She was already doing this work in 1974 when I joined and continued to do so into the early years of this decade.

The recordings at Holyrood Abbey Church were masterminded by David Stay who was an engineer at Ferranti's.

The William Still tapes were recorded by a person or persons not known to me but we are grateful for their contribution

After Bruce's death in 2008 the collection was removed from Broughty Ferry by the Revd Harry Mealya and the Revd Martin Allen. They asked me to put this site together so that Bruce's ministry would continue

The digitsation work is being done by Phil Critchley. Phil is a recently retired broadcast systems engineer who has worked in studios and with high power transmitters. He has worked with several Christian broadcasting agencies. When not processing audio cassettes for 'Tapes from Scotland' he is studying for a degree in Information Technology and Computing. Phil and his wife Brenda are members of the New Life Church in Retford, Nottinghamshire. They have two grown-up children and three grandchildren.

Stephen Carter has put this site together. I joined the BBC in 1975 partly at the inspiration of Ian McDougal and have been recording Christian ministry audio and video since. I continue to record the Crieff fellowship conferences and other jobs that come my way.

I want to express my thanks to all the people who contributed to this project over the years: The recordists who faithfully taped the services week after week, Ian who did so much to make sure that the technology was right and not least to Phil who has spent the last months transferring the 7000 messages from Cassette to Internet.

I am pleased we have been able to continue Bruce's ministry this way and hope that you will be blessed by it.