Technical Guides


In the course of recording conferences you get asked a lot of questions. The guides here are a response to some of these questions. If you have anything to add or disagree then please feel to contact me.

The church sound system can be a major sound system and its operation can be a major headache for ministers and congregation alike. If Bad Sound were Fatal , Audio would be the Leading Cause of Death is the title of an American book on the subject. How to Tame your church sound system is the first part of a longer work I hope to write. Let me know if you find it helpful.

How to make MP3s is a guide to recording audio in church

Tips for Making Missionary Videos. Do you groan if a visiting speaker sets up a projector to show you some video footage that was shot in the field? This short guide on producing good videos with ordinary equipment was written by the late Jack Buchanan of AIM-UK and should put any prospective video journalist on the right track.

This is quite a big pdf file. It takes several minutes to load.